Kajian Faktor-Faktor Penyebab Anak Putus Sekolah di Desa Jangrana Kecamatan Kesugihan Kabupaten Cilacap

Siti Kamsihyati, Sutomo Sutomo, Suwarno Suwarno


The purpose of this study to determine the factors - causes of children drop out of school in the Village District
Jugrana Kesugihan Cilacap. This survey study took the population of children who have dropped out of
elementary education level is 9 years compulsory education as much as 22 respondents. The sample is taken by
using total sampling technique that is taken as a whole from the number of respondents that is 22 respondents.
Technique of collecting data using questionnaire. Data processing is done by using frequency table and
analyzed by descriptive qualitative. The result of the research shows that children drop out of school in
Jangrana Village Kesugihan subdistrict of Cilacap Regency because of family environment factor that is the
amount of children that become the dependent of parents, school environment factor that is often experiencing
conflict with fellow friend in school, environmental factor of society because society where he lives the majority
of poorly educated, economic factors in the form of a lack of provision of parental gear and learning tools and
interest factors because children choose to work instead of going to school. The most dominant factor causing
the drop out of school in Jangrana Village Kesugihan Subdistrict of Cilacap Regency is interest factor

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ISSN: 2550-1321