Hubungan Sifat Fisik Tanah Dengan Kejadian Longsorlahan Di Sub-Das Logawa Kabupaten Banyumas

Ali Achmad, Suwarno Suwarno


Landslide is a form of erosion where the transport or movement of the soil mass occurs on a relatively large
volume. A landslide event is known as a ground mass movement. Landslide is influenced by various factors both
internal and external factors. Internal factors such as soil consist of soil solum, soil texture, soil permeability,
depth of weathering, and slope. The purpose of this research is to know the relationship of soil physical
properties with the occurrence of landslide in Sub-watershed Logawa. The method used in this research is field
survey method. The population in this research is all the form of land in Logawa Sub-watershed of 10 unit of
land form, with sample area sampling technique. The data consists of primary data in the form of soil solum on
each unit of land form. Secondary data such as soil texture data, soil permeability, weathering depth and
landslide events. The data analysis in this study used overlay of land physical properties map and landslide
event. The overlay results are interpreted and manifested in quantitative descriptive form. Most landslide events
in soil physical properties with solum are very thick, dusty texture dust, permeability rather quickly, and deep
depth of weathering. There were 82 landslide events throughout the study area.

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ISSN: 2550-1321