Study of Main Commodity in Agricultural Sector in Rembang District Purbalingga

Ema Fita Laini, Sakinah Fathrunnadi Shalihati


Indonesia is an agricultural country, it is shown by the large number of people who depend on agriculture
sectors, one of the examples is in Purbalingga Regency. The purpose of this research was to find out the main
commodity in each village in Rembang District Purbalingga. The method used in this research was descriptive
and used secondary data from BPS 2015 by analysis of Locationt Quetient (LQ). The results of analysis
calculation on Location Quetient (LQ) were as follows: leading commodity of rice farming: the village of
Wanogara Wetan, Wanogara Kulon, corn farming: Panusupan, Bodas Karangjati, Gunung Wuled,
Karangbawang. Soybean farming: Makam Village, Tnalum. Cassava farming: Wlahar village, Bantar Barang,
Losari, and Sumampir village.

ISSN: 2550-1321