Land Evaluation Study in Rembang District, Purbalingga

Latifah Fitriani, Suwarsito Suwarsito, Anang Widhi Nirwansyah


The purpose of this study is to determine the evaluation of the suitability of land use with land use directives of
each village in the District of Rembang.This research method using secondary data analysis method. The type of
research used is qualitative with descriptive approach. And using overlay analysis techniques with the help of
GIS Application. Secondary data are maps of rainfall, slope, soil type and current land use map taken from
satellite imagery. Data processing is done by weighting and scoring with the help of Geography Information
System (GIS) application software to determine land use direction. Data analysis using matching method that is
matching the result of land use map result with land use in each village in Rembang District. Further analysis
used qualitative descriptive analysis.The results showed that land use is dominated by land use for protected
forest area of 44.28% of the total area. Appropriate land use directives in Kecamatan Rembang are 4 areas,
namely Protected Area, Buffer Function Area, Annual Cultivation Area, and Cultivation Areas of Annual Plants
and Settlements. Evaluation of land use appropriateness with land use directive of Rembang District shows
58,16% or 5659,27 hectare in accordance with land use direction, and 41,84% that is 4070,69 hectares is not

ISSN: 2550-1321