Geographical Factor Assessment Supporting the Soya Sauce Industry in Kebumen District Regency

Suratminingsih Suratminingsih, Sutomo Sutomo


This study focused on the measurement of geographical factors that support the soy industry in Kebumen
District. The research method used is survey. The population in this research is soy entrepreneurs as many as 9
entrepreneurs. The sample in this research use purposive sampling technique. The type of data in this study is
primary data obtained using questionnaire on soy sauce entrepreneurs and secondary data obtained from the
Regional Development and Research Agency in the form of maps. Data collection techniques used
questionnaires for industrial factors and industrial location factors and documentation for geographic factors.
Data processors for industry and industrial sites use tables, percentages. Geographic factors using ArcView
3.3. Analysis of industrial factor data using percentage method and geographical factor with spatial approach.
The results showed that the soy sauce industry is supported by aspects of capital, labor, energy sources,
marketing, transportation, raw materials and water supply. Judging from Weber's location theory, the soy
industry is market-oriented. Land suitability for soybean cultivation in Kebumen regency including land
suitability of S3 (Conditional) with area 21,562.8 Ha and N (Less suitable) with total area 107.862,8 Ha.

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ISSN: 2550-1321