Community Participation In Waste Bank Program "Pendowo Berseri" Tritih Wetan Village Jeruklegi District Cilacap Regency

Muhammad Ridlo Fauzi, Suwarno Suwarno, Sutomo Sutomo


The purpose of this research is to know the level of public participation in the program of Bank "Pendowo
Berseri" garbage in Tritih Wetan Village, Jeruklegi Subdistrict, Cilacap Regency. This research method using
survey research method. The population in this study is a member of Bank junk customers as much as 125
people. The sample in this study 62 people or 50% of the total population. Sampling technique with Systematic
Random sampling technique is by selecting customers who have an even number of numbers on the list of
customer members to be sampled. Primary data were obtained through interviews with secondary data
questionnaire in the form of Village monograph data including population data, education level, and livelihood
of Tritih Wetan village and garbage Bank data covering customer member data, bank savings and garbage type.
Data processing technique with percentage is presented by using frequency table. Data analysis with qualitative
descriptive approach. The results in this study indicate the level of community participation in the high category
with the percentage of 71.3% which includes decision-making phase, implementation stage, stage of enjoyment
of results and evaluation phase.

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ISSN: 2550-1321