Improving Student Learning Achievement of Environmental Conservation Material Through Problem Based Learning Model Learning Using Internet Media in SMA Negeri 1 Purwanegara Banjarnegara Regency

Esti Widyaningrum, Esti Sarjanti, Sigid Sriwanto


The purpose of Classroom Action Research is to improve student achievement in Geography subjects through
Problem Based Learning model. The type of research used is classroom action research, while data collection
method used in this research is consist of observation method, test and interview. This classroom action
research is carried out through several phases consisting of planning, action, observation and reflection. This
classroom action research consists of 2 (two) learning improvement cycles through cycling assessment. The
results showed that the implementation of Geography learning about environmental conservation materials
through the model of Problem Based Learning students class XI IPS 1 Purwanegara is as follows; Preliminary
data before improvement learning action, the average value of classical about environmental conservation
material equal to 58,84 with percentage mastery learn student 34,61%. In the first cycle the average score of
79.03, with the percentage of 76.92%, in the second cycle the average value obtained by students of 80.19.
While the level of mastery learning students on the second cycle of 96.15%.

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ISSN: 2550-1321