Metode Mitigasi Longsorlahan di Kecamatan Gumelar, Kabupaten Banyumas Provinsi Jawa Tengah

Suwarno Suwarno


This research aims to find formulating to mitigation of danger of landslide, by observe on the classes of landslide danger, the risk of landslide and the landslide disaster.
The method used in the research is survey with two kinds of variables, the dependent variable includes the classes of danger and the classes risk for the landslide, and the independent variable is the effort of mitigation. The classes of danger and risk for the landslide are determined in accordance with the classes of landslide danger and risk landslide by consider the supporting factors.
The result of the research show that the field studied is the area with high risk of landslide. The dominant factors for the risk are the type of lithology, and the waeterring. The classes of the landslide risk ranger from the low to the high. Hence, the efforts of mitigation should be tayseted first to those areas with the high risk of landslide. The efforts of mitigation to put into practive should consider. The dominant factors in the area its can be undertaken by designing a priority, based on its terms covering shout term, medium term and long term.

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ISSN: 2550-1321