Real-time Vehicle Surveillance System Based on Image Processing and Short Message Service

Agustinus Deddy Arief Wibowo, Rudi Heriansyah


This paper proposes a real-time vehicle surveillance system based on image processing approach tailored with short message service. A background subtraction, color balancing, chain code based shape detection, and blob filtering are used to detect suspicious moving human around the parked vehicle. Once detected, the developed system will generate a warning notification to the owner by sending a short message to his mobile phone. The current frame of video image will also be stored and be sent to the owner e-mail for further checking and investigation. Last stored image will be displayed in a centralized monitoring website, where the status of the vehicle also can be monitored at the same time. When necessary, the stored images can be used during investigation process to assist the authority to take further legal actions.


parked-vehicle, real-time surveillance, short message service, video image


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DOI: 10.30595/juita.v9i2.8728


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