Bambang Yudi Cahyono


YouTube, a popular video site in the Internet, publishes children stories which can be used for the teaching of
English. Many children stories published in YouTube are based on famous fairy tales like “Goldilock and the
Tree Bears,” “The Three Little Pigs,” and “The Frog Prince.” Many other children stories, especially those
from the Sub-continent, are based on the less famous tales. Examples of these stories include “The Four
Friends,” “The Wise Son,” and “Whispering Palms.” Although these children stories are not well-known,
with their clear English pronunciation and English subtitles they offer useful resources for the teaching of
English. This paper presents the results of content analysis of a sample of 10 children stories from the latter
category, that is children stories from the Sub-continent. The analysis was focussed on the themes and moral
values. The results of analysis show that the children stories contain everyday life and animal life themes
which are close to children life. The children stories also contain moral values which promote the importance
of friendship, respect to other people, and love of natural environment. With examples of themes and moral
values as such, the children stories from the Sub-continent are relevant with the mission in the development
of character. Thus, when used in the English classroom, the video-based children stories from the Subcontinuent
published in YouTube not only provide useful materials for the teaching of English, but they also
contribute to the development of students’ good character.

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