Tri Rina Budiwati


The fact that any language has its set of varieties serves to emphasise
that it is important to have the right attitude and possess sufficient
knowledge of the language to function in a multilingual society.
Living in such a society, Indonesians must realize that an awareness
needs to be created amongst EFL learners in the country about
possessing the right attitude and knowledge of English, and this can
only be done through the education system. This paper explores the
concept of language awareness and links this specifically to methods of
developing EFL awareness among multilingual students at the
Ahmad Dahlan University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The study is
grounded in Hawkins’ and Fairclough’s concepts of Critical Language
Awareness, and its development and application by other experts.
These basic concepts are employed to understand the significance of
language awareness and the implications on EFL teaching
methodology. The study reveals that Language Awareness
undoubtedly has great significance for both EFL teachers and
students. This paper proposes some ways to enhance students’
language awareness that could be applied in multilingual EFL classes.


multilingual, language awareness, EFL teaching

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