Bambang Suroso


When one has to teach a language, he should possess a vlew of what
languages. One possibility is to view language as a skill. Therefore
language learning is comparable to other types of cognitive skill
acquisition. ln this case, there is a need for us to understand the
concept of declarative and procedural knowledge. This is similar to
that of knowledge about and knowledge how or knowledge and control
(Bialystok, in Johnson, 1994), competence and performance, and usage
and use. The first of those terms refers to factual knowledge of a
language such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc., and the
latter to the actual use of the knowledge in real act of communication
such as in speaking, reading, listening and writing. The problem is
how these two knowledge can be developed. This paper is inspired by
Keith Johnson whose Teaching Declarative and Procedural knowledge
suggest that the strategy to develop the knowledge correspond to what
is commonly called learning and acquisition.


declarative and procedural knowledge, learning, acquisition.

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