Transport Network Capacity Planning And Analysis Operator X Using Overbooking Method In Jombang Rawa Area

Erna Temmerman Simanihuruk, Alfin Hikhmaturokhman, Ade Wahyudin


The high quality of high-speed communication services is now a requirement for LTE (Long Term Evolution) users, resulting in high traffic capacity requirements. Jombang Rawa area is one area that has a high traffic capacity. To overcome this problem, X operator rolled out a mobile network project called roll out project that aims to provide sufficient LTE network capacity for operator X customers. In the project, the capacity of the transport network is done using a microwave backhaul which aims to support the new LTE site so that there is no bandwidth shortage in the new site path. The method used to obtain the appropriate traffic for the new site path is the overbooking calculation method. Based on Overbooking calculations of 102 sites, there are 22 sites that require a propose bandwidth capacity solution. Using the overbooking method there is a configuration upgrade as a solution to deal with trafficked paths. 


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DOI: 10.30595/techno.v19i1.2178

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