Endang Kusrini


This research aims 1) describing the role of Magic English for learning English, 2) to know the effectiveness and efficiency the usage of this audiovisual towards learning English in
Elementary School, This research is an experimental experiment. This research is hold in 2 Schools. The method for collecting data is divided into 2 ways. they are by using questions and test. The quantitative data analysis used to know the score.
They are divided into 2 periods. The first period shows that the average scores are 60,857 pre-test and 67,428 for post-test ; and for second period, the score results 62,142 for pre-test and 67,523 for post-test. The other hand, group 56,097 for pre-test and 61,756 for post-test ; and for the second period it reaches 57,707 for pretest and 63,609 for post-test. The data analyze from the questioners, the researcher used descriptive quantitative technique. The result of the data showed that the usage of audiovisual Magic English gives motivation and significant contribution for learning English. It can be proven by seeing the answers from the respondences whom like in learning English by Magic English 83 students ao 100 % and feel happy and easier in teaming English 79 or 95,1 %. Beside that, the students have more motivation in teaming English 83 or 100%.
Kata kunci: Magic English, audiovisual, media

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