Endang Kusrini


General characteristics of children that are related to their capability and aptitude are:
1) they ask question all the time, 2) they are able to make some decisions about their
own learning, 3) they have definite views about what they like and don’t like doing,
and 4) they are able to work with others and learn from others. In learning english, it
seems difficult for them to pronounce well, when they read some vocabularies. The
following activities can be applied in the classroom, to make them happy and enjoy
the lesson. It just need a simple media, since every school has a tape recorder.
English children songs are provided in some bookstores, and the price is not so
expensive. The students will satisfy and enjoy listening to the song. The students are
able to memorize the words and their pronunciation easily, it will help students in
learning english pronunciation.
KEY WORDS: children song, pronunciation

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