Rina Agustina


The use of computer in educational institutions and the growth of computer users each year led to the development of computer assisted language learning (CALL) software package. CALL had been used extensively for teaching and learning, which assisted teachers to provide various learning materials. However, the questions of which software package was suitable and appropriate for learners or whether learners and teachers were able to use the software package often raised ever since. It was widely known that a checklist, questionnaires and interviews were common ways to conduct an evaluation of a CALL software package. From those three ways, questionnaires and a checklist were the most common evaluation form established to analyse a software package. Therefore, this article aimed at how a teacher was able to select appropriate criteria and to compose an evaluation form in order to analyse a CALL software package. This paper was a non-research paper, which focused on reading past and current literatures of analysing a software package
for learning a language. This paper discussed that behaviourist and acquisition approaches (Hubbard, 1982) were the appropriate criteria to assess usefulness of a software package from teacher and learners’ perspectives related to their experience of teaching and learning a language. Meanwhile, Bradin (1999) introduced two steps; feasibility and quality, in which feasibility focused on understanding the basic
requirement of a software package and quality were ensuring users to know the content, operation, and format qualities of a software package. The content quality should highlight the curriculum, learners’ needs, and the appropriateness of learning materials. On the other hand, the format quality was chosen for making sure that the design of a software package was interesting for the users and each tool was able to
be used effectively. Additionally, the operation quality was selected as a software package should provide a demo or preview instruction in order to minimise troubles when it was being operated by users in the classroom.
Keywords: teacher, learners, software package, criteria selection, feedback.

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