Komunikasi dalam Implementasi Kebijakan Pendidikan Wajib Belajar 9 Tahun di Kecamatan Ngadiluwih

Ahmad Khoirul Syani, Sohibul Mufid, Mufarrihul Hazin


The Government recognizes the need to improve the quality of education as a tool to
improve the quality of human resources. One of them through government policy
requires basic education in order to achieve competitiveness of resources. This study
aims to find out how this policy is implemented in an area in the aspect of
communication and socialization. The method used is through qualitative descriptive
approach. The data collection technique is done by interview, observation and
documentation, data analysis used by data condensation, data display, and conclusion,
data validity is done by checking credibility, dependency, and confirmability. The
results of this study indicate that 100% of children in Ngadiluwih who graduated from
primary school went to the next level, and the drop out rate in junior high school only
reached 0.6%.
Keywords: education policy, Compulsory Learning, communication.

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DOI: 10.30595/jkp.v11i1.2309

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