Ferly Sandi Wijaya


Weight training aplication and exercise tool must be adjusted with athlete
characteristic that want to be trained, for that needed weight training and use exercise
tool that tiered by modify recyle tool that being adjusted. The methode that being use is
action research using Kemmis and McTaggart modhel with planning design,
observation, action and reflection. The research result showing the increase of football
dribbling skills. It’s proved by the averages on pra siclus which is 51,0 and the
presentage is 20,8%, at first siclus became 63,9 and the presentage is 54,2% and the
second siclus increasing became 73,3 and the presentage is 87,5%. So it can be
concluded that aplication of modify recycle tool can increasing football dribbling skill.
Because of giving weight training that adjusted with athlete characteristic which want
to be trained can make it easier training proces and the athlete.
Keyword: Football dribbling, recycle equipment

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DOI: 10.30595/jkp.v12i1.4055

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