Azizatul Mahfida Mahfida Inayati


Many dynamic approaches have emerged due to computer technology in
facilitating language learning. The use of Computer Assisted Language Learning
in the teaching and learning becomes essential. Learning platform is used in the
learning process as a tool that is considered capable of attracting students’
attention and increasing their motivation. It is then that underlies the number of
researchers who are interested to raise the theme into the realm of both theoretical
and empirical research. This study reviewed fourteen journal articles to determine
the effect of presentation software, initially focused on Edmodo which is a free
and secure learning platform which is free of advertisements, games and other
distractions used to provide a simple way for teachers to create and manage
online classroom, and enable students to connect with teacher and other students
anywhere and anytime. Eight of them are empirical and others are theoretical.
The constant comparative method proposed by Lincoln and Gub (1985) used to
analyse each article. As the results, this study found that learning platform,
especially Edmodo, greatly support teaching and learning activities. It will be
very helpful for every person in the field of education such as students, teachers,
and researchers in order to adopt this innovative technology for language learning
and teaching.
Keywords: Edmodo, learning platform, pedagogy

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DOI: 10.30595/jkp.v12i2.4291

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