Evaluation of Two Synthetic Insecticides in Controlling Bradysia occelaris, an Insect Pest on Oyster Mushroom

Rostaman Rostaman


The mushroom fly, or sciarid fly, Bradysia ocellaris Comstock, is a new pest species on the oyster mushroom in Indonesia. The insect pest could be controlled using insecticide treatments. However, information on insecticides that kill insects effectively was lacking. This research aimed to examine the usage of two insecticides for controlling sciarid larvae at the mushroom house. The parameter that was used was the emergence of adults. Several concentrations of cyromazine and cypermethrin were treated on sciarid larvae. The result showed that cyromazine was very effective in killing larvae of B. ocellaris. The number of emerging adults due to the insecticide was very low. I hope the cyromazine insecticide should be used to control sciarid flies in mushroom houses.


evaluation, insecticide, sciarid fly, oyster mushroom


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DOI: 10.30595/agritech.v25i1.17201


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